POD development


Pod developments

Each urban uses such as shopping, education, housing and all urban land uses ,are spareted from each other. Pod development is characteristic form of out-of-centre complexes and edge cities. One of advantages of typical suburban pod developments is separated land uses and hierarchical street networks. In residential areas, generally, cul-de-sacs were used and a lighter traffic load is created.However, each uses are far form each other because of that the transportation based on driving and so many connection needed.

For example; the capüs areas would be an exapmle for pod development or new designed cirties such as Toki has built apartments and houses different part of the city. Also today we see that in cities the city center dont inlude the housing it has apartment or trade buildings and some clusters are in a different part of the cities.
Sources: Carmona (2003) Public Places Urban Spaces, Chpt 4. MorphologicalDimension, pp.61-86