Muhteşem bir tasarım ve Sunum tekniği “BIG SLUSSEN”

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The danish architects at BIG (bjarke ingels group) have teamed up with the swedish landscape firm NOD for their
latest project in stockholm. the project is a revamping of slussen, one of the busiest intersections in downtown
stockholm. one of the city’s key goals for the project was reconnecting the historic gamla stan districts with
södermalm. however the project wasn’t as simple as building a bridge because the slussen is used by cyclists,
pedestrians and drivers as well as housing the subway, train and connections to boat lines. the architects
needed to find a unifying structure, which could house all these facilities in a layered approach. despite heavy
traffic, the new slussen will house rest areas and create a public space on the upper most level. all the levels
are connected through ascending a descending ramps, allowing people to move freely between the levels.