Micro Public Places

– Micro Public Places
Micro Public Places are a response to this 21st century condition. Micro Public Places are formulated as mini institutions at the intersections of public interests.
Micro Public Space Shows Atelier Bow-Wow’s way of thinking about the space, i.e.social space, a concept influenced by Henri Lefebvre that discusses ‘a space is produced neither by architects nor by city planners, nor by the users who live in space: space is not consumer-generated but space-generated’, therefore, ‘it is not people who creates space, but social spaces that use people to bring themselves into being’ (Atelier Bow-Wow(2010). “Behaviorology”, p.251. Rizzoli International Publications, Incorporated)
Public Space is an attempt to take even smallest space or object that is officially public and to add add individual layer to it as making use of the space.