•  Outdoor activities

An ordinary day peole makeing so many activities such as; going to work, sitting on a benche, reading news paper.. and these activities divided into three parts which are necessary activities, optional activities, social activities
Necessary activities: people must have to make this activities such as going yo work or school, waiting a bus, eating and speaking. As we can see examples these avtivities are a greater or lesser degree required to participate.
For example if a person going to work by walking , it takes a time to arrive to work so the happening things is mecessary activities too. Such as; looking the shopping windows, listening the birds sound ..

Optional activities: Participation is depend on the person choose in these activities so This category includes such activities as taking a walk to get a breath of fresh air, standing around enjoying life, or sitting and sunbathing. For example you are opligated to go work but you can go to work by bicycle this or you can have make your breakfast in a outdoor place.
social activities : Social activities are all activities that depend on the
presence of others in public spaces. Social activities
include children at play, greetings and conversations,
communal activities of various kinds such as goind cinema , park…